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October Queen Birthday Shirt

I was just wrapping up my maternity leave with my first born child, sitting at home, enjoying those last few days of baby snuggles and home time and watching an episode of Martha Stewart. Martha had a guest on the show that was showing how easy it is to put appliques on shirts.

More or less, that was how my Etsy store, Lilikoi Lane, was born. I sold appliqued shirts for kids for approximately 4 years. During those 4 years I also had a full time job, had another baby, started this blog and was trying to keep all of the balls in the air at once.

Mermaid Birthday Shirt – Hello Buttercup

Eventually I made the decision to put Lilikoi Lane on permanent vacation mode and concentrate my efforts here instead. I have pulled out my shirt making supplies a few times over the past few years to make shirts as gifts, and this week was one of those times. My gorgeous nephew turns 1 this month. As I pulled out my supplies I thought to myself that it was really time to pass this knowledge along to others, so I decided to create a blog post to go with it.

This project is super simple, takes 15 minutes or less to make and is perfect for beginner sewers! You got this! I used to buy it in 40 yard rolls but there are lots of options here. I found a number I liked in the fonts on my computer, printed it out the size I wanted it, cut it out and used it to trace around. Alternatively you could freehand it. When tracing, put your number so that the face is facing down on the Steam A Seam and trace around it.

Insiders tip: Fusible webbing comes sandwiched between two pieces of paper. I find that it always sticks more to one piece of the paper better than the other. I always check and trace on the piece of paper that the fusible webbing is sticking better to. Step 2: Remove the paper backing from your fusible webbing.

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You will want to keep on the paper front where you traced your number. Lay the fusible webbing on the backside of your fabric. You should be able to see the fabric design through the back of the fabric and through the fusible webbing so that you can get good placement if you have larger designs in your fabric like mine.

Step 3: Press the fusible webbing down firmly onto the fabric and then cut out your design, cutting along the lines that you traced. Step 4: Remove the paper leaving the fusible webbing attached to the fabric.